Car Travel Inflatable Air Mattress

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  • High quality PVC - The air mattress is made of high polymer PE PVC, which reaches the level of aviation application, no memory foam, non-toxic, odorless. Bed surface with high density multi-dimensional flocking and noise reduction.Special air pump and bed liner with anti-overcharge design, with anti-burst self-protection function.
  • Simple Inflate and Deflate - The car bed is equipped with a dedicated inflatable pump, connected to car power (cigarette lighter socket) and it only takes about 3 minutes for the bed to be fully pumped.There are a number of venting mouths in the bed, open the vent, squeeze by hand than you can deflate quickly.
  • SUV Generic - This car bed is a three-fold inflatable structure which both sides of the armrest can inflate according to the width of the body. The design of this inflatable structure will expand to the size of any SUV.
  • Outdoor Activities - This air mattress is perfect for those who love to camp, fish, hike, or just need a mobile place to rest.
  • Lovers - With the silence of the night and shining stars, the car will now become a romantic place. This comfortable private camping space will bring romance and passion to the vehicle .